What is West Hollywood Eat + Drink Week?

Eat + Drink Week is a 10-day event that showcases a variety of culinary and cocktail experiences unique to the West Hollywood area.  Similar to a restaurant week, participating eateries offer special food and drink menus at set prices during the event. This year, participants have the opportunity to expand their offerings beyond just dining in to include takeout and delivery options, at their discretion.

When is Eat + Drink Week?

Eat + Drink Week 2020 takes place Friday, October 23 – Sunday, November 1.

What are restaurants offering during Eat + Drink Week?

Participating restaurants have the choice between offering special menus at set prices, or special offers for their guests during the event period.

Day Menus (2+ items)

Night Menus (3+ items)


Prices and meal periods vary by restaurant and exclude tax and gratuity.  Eat + Drink Week menus are offered during various meal periods.  Please check each menu online to ensure what days and times it is available.

Menus subject to change due to seasonal availability of ingredients.

How do I take part in Eat + Drink Week?

No passes, tickets or coupons are required… simply dine out at participating restaurants throughout the event.  Make a reservation on our website or contact the restaurant directly.  Due to the popularity of this event, advance reservations are strongly encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome.  There is no guarantee that walk-in guests will be accommodated.

Do you have to order off the special Eat + Drink Week menu?

In addition to the Eat + Drink menus, participating restaurants also offer their regular menu.  Diners are encouraged to try the special Eat + Drink Week menu, but it is not required.

Which Restaurants are participating in Eat + Drink Week?

Restaurants, lounges and clubs throughout the West Hollywood area are participating in Eat + Drink Week. You can see them all here 

If you have any other questions about West Hollywood Eat + Drink Week, please contact Jeff Morris.